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A Study on Psalms

For your Small Group


Welcome to our four-part study on the Psalms. This series will use videos to introduce select Psalms to your group where you may then process through a guide for a thoughtful discussion. Our hope is that this study meets you in a place of worship where you may experience God’s loving kindness as displayed through creation and scripture. 


About the Content

This study comes as a virtual “packet” that you may progress through at your own pace. There is an intro video with four distinct teaching segments that are accompanied by a devotional guide. Whether your group works straight through it in four weeks, or works through one Psalm a month, the pacing is totally up to you. We encourage you to go through each segment as a group, diving deeper with one another as a community.


We believe that Psalms can teach us a lot about who God is and how we are to relate to him. We encourage you to embrace the honesty and awe that is expressed through each chapter and we pray these passages bring you closer in intimacy with each other so that you may better know intimacy with your creator, Jesus.


Each of the four segments will contain a video like this with an additional teaching from one of our church leaders. 




Psalm 19 | Bryan Eckelmann

Session 1 - A look at God's goodness through creation. 




Psalm 42 | Troy Deluca

Session 2 - A Psalm of lament that sees God's goodness even in the storms.




Psalm 121 | Cynthia Crane

Session 3 - A Psalm on worship and trusting Jesus to be our source.




Psalm 23 | Scott Cody

Session 4 - A Psalm on trust and hope in Jesus for our daily living.