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Kingdom Culture

Kingdom Culture

Kingdom Culture, where we will examine Jesus’ famous teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. Together, we will learn how to become an apprentice of Jesus and how doing so improves the lives of everyone around us, including our own.

Week 1

April 7, 2024

Shannon Coon

The Good Life

Week 2

April 14, 2024

Jason Smith

Preservation and Illumination

Week 3

April 21, 2024

Jason Smith

Real Righteousness

Week 4

April 28, 2024

Jason Smith

Case Studies in Righteousness

Week 5

May 5, 2024

Scott Cody

"Right Now" or Real Reward?

Week 6

May 12, 2024

Jason Smith

“How to Pray”

Week 7

May 19, 2024

Jason Smith

Vision in the Kingdom

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