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Join a Pray Together Group.

Pray Together meetings are central to the spiritual life of our church. The goal is to make regular prayer gatherings a part of everyone’s ongoing experience at St. Andrew’s. Each meeting allows either in-person or remote attendance via Zoom, maximizing both the convenience of Zoom and the power of face-to-face contact for those who can gather on campus. To start attending a Pray Together meeting, you’ll submit an easy one-time registration, and then you’ll receive weekly email reminders with the current set of prayer requests.

Pray Together Resources

Any and all resources you need for Pray Together can be found below. Questions? Email

Prayer Wall

Welcome to our Prayer Wall, a space where you can share your heartfelt prayers and intentions. See below for prayer requests from our congregation, as well as praises of answered prayer.

JenOctober 24, 2023

Please pray for my nephew Jason's salvation and deliverance from all evil influences. For the Lord promises train up a child and the way he goes and when he's old he will return to it.

VinnieOctober 23, 2023

Pray for my brother George who is still waiting to see a specialist. He now has a kidney infection.

TracyOctober 23, 2023

My grandson Skylar is riding a rollercoaster of emotions - his mother has changed her mind again and will not let him come to live with us. Pray for her heath, fear and anxiety that is keeping her from prioritizing Skylar's happiness and well-being. Pray for Skylar as he is experiencing depression and verbal assault from his mother and step-father. I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill him and God to watch over his safety.

JillOctober 23, 2023

Prayers for John who is struggling with an intestinal lymphoma. He's had chemo for 8 months and is now at City of Hope with new concerns. His wife is a friend of mine and knows the power of prayer. May God heal him and bring him comfort and peace. John loves the Lord and knows all of this is in His loving hands.

NormaOctober 9, 2023

Prayers for my son who is undergoing heart tests.

TahwahnahOctober 9, 2023

Please pray for my grandson Drake who is in his first year at California Baptist University @ Riverside and is currently living on campus. This is his first year out on his own and he is having time management issues.

LouiseOctober 1, 2023

Please pray for my dear friend's, Geri, husband. Ron was rushed by ambulance to Stanford ER 2 days ago. He has a severe UTI which went septic, is extremely weak, in severe pain and not doing very well. He will be in the hospital for several days.

David & LaurieSeptember 24, 2023

Please pray that God would save our lost family, bless our health and business, and help our son, Nathan, find his calling. Thank you.

Laura September 24, 2023

I am very ill. Please pray for miraculous healing.

LouiseSeptember 18, 2023

Please pray for my dear friend's husband who is in a wheelchair and currently sever pain and great loss of core muscle strength which makes it extremely difficult to impossible for him to transfer out of the chair to meet his basic needs. They currently have a caregiver everyday. This has been emotionally and physically difficult on my friend. They both need God's strength and grace I pray for them nightly too. Thank you for your prayers and hopefully he will get better.

TracySeptember 12, 2023

Please pray for my dear dear friend Lynda - she is in the hospital with breathing problems and the doctors are concerned that she may have an infection causing issues with her heart.

LouisSeptember 10, 2023

I have undergone many tests/procedures due to my transient eye sight loss in left eye. Please pray that root cause of diagnosis will be revealed to doctors as they receive results and develop my treatment plan.

BrianSeptember 10, 2023

Come Holy Spirit fill all participants with the desire to fully engage with Disciples Path starting.

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