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Asking for a Friend

Asking for a Friend

Ever wondered who actually goes to Heaven? Why does God let good people suffer? Or why we should pray if God does whatever He wants anyways? Join us as Pastor Jason Smith tackles some of the most asked questions about our faith that some of us have been too afraid to ask, or are looking for answers to provide some spiritually curious friends.

Week 1

January 14, 2024

Jason Smith

Science and Faith: Why don't they get along?

Week 2

January 21, 2024

Jason Smith

Why God Allows Suffering?

Week 3

January 29, 2024

Jason Smith

Who Actually Goes To Heaven?

Week 4

February 11, 2024

Jason Smith

How Can We Trust The Bible?

Week 5

February 18, 2024

Manny David

Why Pray If God Does What He Wants Anyway?

Week 6

March 3, 2024

Jason Smith

How Can I Trust the Church?

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