Does Your God Exist?


Prepare to be awed by the truth of who God is and moved by His goodness to us. We can't ever fathom the depths of who He is, but He has shown us more than we can understand. Join us for this series and grasp who you are through the eyes of God.


Each week we'll encourage you to meet as a group to dive deeper into God's word and deeper into relationships.  This study will use the weekend messages as its launching point, with a guide being released each week.  Our follow-along guide is designed to lead you and your group further into relationships with God and with each other, and each guide will have a scripture passage, a brief explanation, and some discussion questions.  If you're not in a small group and would like more information about joining one, we'd love to get you plugged in. We're excited to have you on the journey with us! 



Join us on our journey of asking the questions, "Does your God exist? Who is God, and who are we?" This week, we hear from Pastor Gary Watkins on the love of our Father. Our main takeaway: the Father in Heaven loves me as much as he loves Jesus Christ. 


 This Sunday, we heard from Pastor Gary Watkins on the majesty of Christ. Join us in taking a deep dive into Mark 1:1 and asking the question, "Who is Jesus Christ?"


 The Holy Spirit is one of our biggest questions as Christians. Who is it? What is it? Where is it? Join us this week as we take the time to learn about the Splendor of the Spirit!


We've talked about who our God is. This week, we start to dive into the question of, "Who are we?" and not just who we are as individuals, but who we are in the eyes of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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Often times, it's easy to identify ourselves with the word, "sinner." This week, let's take a look at who we are and how we are identified when we live in Christ.   

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Have you ever inserted your name into the scriptures you read? Yes, literally inserting your name into the passage. Click below for this week's guide to learn more.   

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Have you ever considered that you are a temple? No, not literally. The Spirit and Glory of God lives within us. Does that change your perception of yourself? Check out this week's guide to reflect on these questions.   

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Have you ever looked into who Saint Andrew is? We see him a few times in the New Testament. Take a look at this week's guide to learn more about Saint Andrew and how we can have a heart like his.   

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