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Small Groups

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Welcome to Small Groups at St. Andrew's! This is a place for you to find community, learn more about the person of Jesus, and empower one another to participate in the Kingdom work. Groups are where we meet Monday through Saturday, to find rest and to pray together. Our hope is that as you grow in intimacy with each other you grow in intimacy with the Father. 

Ways to Get Involved:


Start a Group

There are a number of Small Groups at St. Andrew’s already formed, but we also encourage you to consider if there is anyone who you’d like to be in a Small Group with, and start one!  Gather some friends and let us know, we’d love to walk alongside and equip you as your group gets started.



St. Andrew's at Home

Home is a place where we gather ourselves;  by gathering in smaller communities, we can maintain our unity as one collective body under Christ. Each home church is centered around four core practices, learn more about leading or joining a home church by checking out our home church page.

Home CHurches


New  to St. Andrew's?

We're so glad you decided to check out St. Andrew's today and we're excited to get to know you. To find out more about who we are, check out the links below. We'd love to help you learn more about our church,  show you what we believe in, and help you find a place to get plugged into this community. 

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Questions God Asks 

 We often focus on God's commands but in this series we will take a look at questions that probe the heart and soul of humanity. 

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Have Questions?

For more information, email smallgroups@sapres.org.