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Whittier Elementary
school partnership

St. Andrew’s believes that schools play a significant role in the development of healthy communities and individuals. For this reason, we have partnered with Whittier Elementary School, which serves the mostly Latinx community of westside Costa Mesa.  Students who live in Spanish-speaking environments struggle to develop their English language skills, putting them at a disadvantage in their academic studies and professional pursuits. By investing our time and energy, we believe Whittier students will be given the best chance to reach their full potential. We are investing in the following areas: literacy, staff encouragement, parental engagement, and facility improvement.

This ministry lives into our SERVE strategy area of  JUSTICE.

How Can I Serve?

volunteer opportunities

As a volunteer, you may listen to students read, help kindergarteners learn their ABC’s, assist in the library, or volunteer in a classroom on a weekly basis.

Have questions? Contact or 949.574.2240.