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Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries (PYCM) seeks to share the unconditional love of Christ to at-risk and incarcerated youth in Orange County.  PYCM does this by creating model chaplaincy ministries – in short, training people like you to pastor incarcerated youth. 

With a primary focus on delinquent youth, PYCM targets county juvenile facilities. Incarcerated youth need immediate intervention to help curtail
a delinquent career that often continues to age 24. Effective correctional ministry (including chapel services, Bible studies,
one-on-one counseling and discipleship, aftercare and sensitizing the Christian community to the needs of troubled youth)
shortens delinquent life spans and protects the community at large from prolonged criminal activity.

This ministry lives into our SERVE strategy area of  JUSTICE.

How Can I Serve?

Minister to incarcerated youth

Upon completion of training, you will be able to host Bible studies, lead small groups, lead worship,
participate in weekly church services,  or meet one-on-one with youth in the juvenile hall detention facility.  

Have questions? Contact or 949.574.2240.