2022 Midyear Report


We want to support and encourage you in your journey as a follower of Jesus Christ and understand the value of men getting together with other men in fellowship around God's Word, in service to others and in prayer. Any time is a great time for you to get connected to one of the on-going men's ministries here at St. Andrew's.

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"Making THE Connection: Experiencing God in Daily Life"

Speaker: Doug Rumford, Retired Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church and author of SoulShaping: From Soul Neglect to Spiritual Vitality.

September 24 | 9:00-10:30 a.m. | Youth Center

What difference has your faith made in your life? Many of us have a genuine faith– but it does not seem to make a difference in daily life. What’s the key to experiencing God’s presence and power moment-by-moment? We can learn much about this from Jesus’ unique encounter with a blind man who needed a second touch. 
Start your Saturday morning with a hot breakfast, authentic conversation, and fellowship.  Join us for a hot breakfast in the Youth Center, where just $10 will get you a delicious breakfast. Contributions go towards providing for the food and Men's Ministry.

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Men’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Tuesdays | 6:50-8:00 a.m. | Dierenfield Hall 

Resumes September 13

This fall we will begin a study on the letters to Timothy and Titus.  These letters were written just before Paul's execution as he passes the baton to his dearly loved and trusted "lieutenants".  We, too, are like them as God gives us the baton to carry forth his "Good News" to others.  Join Elder Greg Chao, Pastor Bryan Eckelmann and other various teachers, as we explore Scripture and have lively discussions.  There are small groups meeting in person and virtually via Zoom.  Contact adults@sapres.org for more details.

Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study

Wednesdays | 7:30-8:30 a.m. | Dierenfield Hall 

Each Wednesday we meet for fellowship, breakfast, and teaching. Dr. Randy Steele will focus on "Christianity for Skeptics.” This series will give us the opportunity to look at our own doubts and be better prepared to address the objections of our friends and the world around us. We also hear from diverse external speakers every month, and we support various missions in our community and across the world.  Zoom meetings are available to those who cannot join us in person.  Contact adults@sapres.org to receive our weekly email announcements.


Small Groups for Men

We have small groups specifically for men that meet in person and virtually via Zoom.  Email smallgroups@sapres.org to be assigned to one.