Modern Service | 5pm
Saturday @ 5pm
Classic | 9am
Sunday @ 9am


Important Updates

Sunday LABS are coming to the Livestream! Have your Bible in hand as you join the study online at 10:10 a.m. on Sunday mornings.
Join in at sapres.org/live. If you have questions about watching the Livestream, email onlinecampus@sapres.org

Regular weekly programs will not be meeting on campus.
See the latest updates on precautions we are taking due to coronavirus (COVID-19), here.


“LABS – or “Life and Bible Studies” – are designed to be experiential learning opportunities, driven by questions and fueled creative leadership. With the campus closed in response to COVID-19, we invite you to keep up with our current LABS or review past LABS online. To access these, go to:

  1. sapres.org/media
  2. Scroll down to Archive
  3. In the first filter option, you can select LABS. When you click on any LAB, it will show you all of the episodes available for that series as you scroll down. LABS from this previous year are available as audio and new LABS are being video-recorded.

We encourage you to check out our Lent devotional which is available online in-full at sapres.org/Easter.
Accompanying the devotional, we also have a series of short videos and questions for discussion.

Questions? Contact Tracy Murphy at tracym@sapres.org or 949.574.2262.