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Announcing Our New Vision


What we do:
We love our community and shape the culture by equipping every generation to follow Jesus.


How we accomplish it:
Gather to pray and worship in the Holy Spirit.
Build followers of Jesus.
Serve the kingdom mission of God.


Why we do it:
Invitational with our neighbor.
Intergenerational with our church family.
Inspirational with our faith.


What it looks like when we’re successful:
Every person with a purpose.
Every leader with a mentor.
Every family with a mission.
Every neighbor with an invitation.

For more on our vision for The Next 75 Years, watch Jason’s sermon below:

Check out Jason’s conversation with John Huffman:

How to get involved today:

Pray Together

As we embark on our new mission, prayer will be a major focus, and praying together needs to be a central activity in the discipleship and spiritual life of St. Andrew’s. As described in Acts 1:14, the early church joined together constantly in prayer, and the response of the Holy Spirit was dramatic. That’s why we are inviting our entire church family to participate in Pray Together. Whether you consider yourself a prayer warrior or someone completely new to prayer or someone who might find the idea of group prayer intimidating, this is for all of us. Please join us, as we pray for the Holy Spirit’s unity, direction, and power for the mission of our church, for the salvation of the lost, and for specific intercessory requests. One hour Pray Together meetings currently take place Monday through Thursday mornings on campus and on Zoom. Afternoon and evening prayer meetings will be launched in early July.

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