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The Great Questions

The Great Questions

Believers and non-believers have many of the same questions such as, “Is there evidence that the stories in the Bible really happened?” and “Are all religions basically about the same God?” Don Barkley will lead this series of discussions and examine these questions and many others.

Week 12

April 02, 2023

Don Barkley

Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?

Week 11

March 26, 2023

Don Barkley

What Is So Exceptional About Jesus?

Week 10

March 19, 2023

Don Barkley

If God Is So Good, Why Is There So Much Evil And Suffering?

Week 9

March 12, 2023

Don Barkley

Hasn’t Christianity Done More Harm Than Good?

Week 8

March 05, 2023

Don Barkley

What About Those Who Have Never Heard About Christ?

Week 7

February 19, 2023

Don Barkley

Good People: Still Need Jesus?

Week 6

February 12, 2023

Don Barkley

The Bible—Is It Authoritative?

Week 5

February 05, 2023

Don Barkley

The Bible—Is It Historically Accurate?

Week 4

January 30, 2023

Don Barkley

The Bible—Lost In Translations?

Week 3

January 22, 2023

Don Barkley

With So Many Religions, Why Say Christ Is The Only Way?

Week 2

January 15, 2023

Don Barkley

Are All Religions Basically The Same?

Week 1

January 08, 2023

Don Barkley

What Is Truth? Don’t People Have Different Truths?

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