Session Elder Update

Lay Leadership



Session has the responsibility and authority for governing the congregation and guiding its mission for Christ in the world.


Clerk of Session

Sue Faassen


Church Treasurer

Jay Thompson

Elder Class of 2022

Sue Faassen
John Loftus
Nancy Longmire
Greg Marchman
Glenn Ormseth

Elder Class of 2023

Gregory Chao
Chris Clarke
Robert Edmonds
Cindy Talbott
Jay Thompson

Elder Class of 2024

Jeff Beck
William Hover
Nancy Thompson
Andy Wolf
Paula Zeller



Chap Clark
Bryan Eckelmann


Jon Batarse
Executive Pastor
Scott Cody
Minister of Family Ministries

Dana Leota

SALI Executive Director

Brandon Muchow
Minister of Worship
Julie Wood
Minister of Serve

Sue Faassen
Stated Clerk of Session

Officers of the
Board of Trustees

Subject to the authority of the Session (Bylaws Article VIII)

Chap Clark
Pastor, Head of Staff
Chris Clarke
Glenn Ormseth
Cindy Talbott
Jay Thompson
Sue Faassen
Stated Clerk