Lay Leadership

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Session has the responsibility and authority for governing the congregation and guiding its mission for Christ in the world.

Clerk of Session 

Judy Combs

Church Treasurer

Scott Read

Elder Class of 2018

Tom Brock
Chris Edmonds
Karen Taillon
Jack Weiblen
Corey Wicks

Elder Class of 2019

Steven Kishi
John Loftus
Natalie Pickup
Anita Sherbanee
Kyle Team  

Elder Class of 2020

Dana Binford
Drew Graham
Stan Jantz
Scott Read
Dick Taylor


Lead Pastor
Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | Interim Moderator of Session
Rev. Steven Good
Megan Hutchinson


Shawn Reilly | Executive Director
Glenn Ormseth | Elder/Gather
Dan Wendell | Minister of Missions
Bruce Nelson | Senior Associate Minister
Judy Combs | Clerk of Session
Bonnie Prietto | Assistant to Clerk of Session

Officers of the Board of Trustees/Central Services
Subject to the authority of the Session. CORE handles business affairs of the church.

Anita Sherbanee | Elder, Moderator
Jack Weiblen | Vice President of Operations
Natalie Pickup | Build Department, Family Ministries
Scott Read | Treasurer, Horizons
David Team | Assistant Treasurer
Judy Combs | Elder, Clerk of Session
Karen Taillon | Elder, Assistant Clerk of Session, Send Department
John Loftus | Elder, Build Department
Shawn Reilly | Executive Director, Interim Head of Staff
Ex Officio
Neal Wells | Counsel
Jim Eddy | CFO
Glenn Ormseth | Gather Department

HR Committee

Provides guidance, recommendations, and support to the Executive Director and/or the Director of Human Resources for personnel and/or human resources issues that may arise pertaining to non-ordained staff only.

Shawn Reilly | Executive Director, Interim Head of Staff
Anita Sherbanee | President
Jack Weiblen | Vice-President
Scott Read | Treasurer
David Team | Assistant Treasurer
Judy Combs | Clerk of Session
Karen Taillon | Assistant Clerk of Session
Gwen Reinauer | Director of Human Resources

Elder Class of 2018


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