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Seeing More

Learning to See More

Lent 2021

Seeing More

Welcome to our Lent 2021 series, "Seeing More." Join us as we dive into God's word, first looking at the story of Blind Bartimaeus and his desire to see. Letting that guide us, we'll spend the rest of our time learning more about how to desire God, how to seek God, and what happens when we truly belong to God. We're glad to have you on the journey! 



About the Content

Each week we'll continue along on the journey towards Good Friday and try to "See More" about where God is leading us.  This study will take us through the Lenten season, with a new guide and video being released each week. We'll take our time together to dive deeper into Chap's sermon, but each video will also stand by itself, so if you haven't seen the sermon for that week, don't worry about it! Our follow-along guide is designed to lead you and your group further into relationships with God and with each other, and each guide will have a scripture passage, a brief explanation, and some discussion questions.  If you're not in a small group and would like more information about joining one, we'd love to get you plugged in. We're excited to have you on the journey with us! 


We'll start our time together on Ash Wednesday. This week, Troy and Scott kick us off by asking us to consider what God has for us in this season, and they invite us into deeper understanding. 


Week 1

In our first official week of Lent, we dive into the story of Blind Bartimaeus, where Jesus restores his sight. Watch the video and download the guide for your group discussion.


Week 2

What are some things you love? Do those things line up with the life Christ has called you to? Watch the video and download the guide for your group discussion.


Week 3

This week Pastor Bryan talks about thirsting for God when he preaches on Psalm 63. Join us this week as we talk about the living water Christ offered.