The St. Andrew’s Leadership Institute is a 9-month living and learning community based in Newport Beach, CA, designed to broaden your understanding of and deepen your connection to God’s redemptive work.  The SALI program applies theological education, leadership development, and spiritual formation to the context of work and relationships. As a member of the SALI class, you will join up to eight post-grads from diverse backgrounds who will live alongside and learn from an intergenerational church community. 

Focusing on the transition year from college to post-graduate professional life, SALI offers three specific emphases as seen below:



Bridging the divide between so-called “sacred” and “secular” work, we build an integrated community of those in vocational ministry and other professional fields.  You will choose one of two tracks of employment and receive mentorship and professional development within that track.


Experience life together through adventures, community service, and weekly fellowship. You will live alongside other associates and members of our church community as you are hosted in the homes of local congregants.


Attend a weekly class session taught by a range of speakers -- from seminary professors to local community members.  Our curriculum includes theological foundations, spiritual practices, and leadership principles.