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The Incarnation and Me

Chap Clark | 02/26/2017
Series: Philippians









When the church experiences conflict from within or without, what would be the best strategy for dealing with it and why?


1. Today’s passage opens with the word “Therefore”. What is happening in the preceding 4 verses (1:27-30) to motivate Paul’s instruction in 2:1-11 (especially since he wrote this from prison)?
2. Paul, in v. 2:1, references 4 different things that the Philippian Christians have experienced. What are they and how are they different from the same things experienced by non-believers (e.g. “love”)?
3. Paul notes things in v. 2 that would give him joy and gives commands in vs. 3-4. How does he connect these with Christ’s person and work in verses 5-11?



1. Discuss how being part of a team (e.g. project team at work, a military unit, on a sports team, a theater cast, or in marriage) might compare or contrast to being part of the Church and its mission.
2. The first statement of the historic Westminster Shorter Catechism states, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” Verses 9-11 in today’s passage say that eventually all will glorify God. How do we as a Life Group glorify God as we flesh out verses 2-4?



Whittier Elementary – Lord, we thank You for the St. Andrew’s volunteers participating in Read Across America this week at Whittier Elementary School. We are grateful for this opportunity to share Your love in a practical way with our neighbors in Costa Mesa. We pray for economic, racial, and spiritual reconciliation as students, families, and staff ultimately draw closer to You.

Veterinarian Christian Foundation – Lord, we pray You would guide VCF leadership as they promote Christian fellowship and service within the veterinarian profession. We especially lift up our joint ministry to the Havasupai community in the Grand Canyon. Give us boldness and sensitivity, wisdom and courage so that more Native Americans might experience freedom through Jesus Christ. Please break the enemy’s strongholds of poverty, addiction, and abuse so that the community might experience more of Your grace and the light of Your presence. 

LG Questions 2.26.17

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