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Dancing in the Dark

Chap Clark | 11/04/2018
Series: Voyagers
Scripture: Mark 12: 13-17


1. People often came to Jesus to test and even trick him into a fatal mistake. This question regarding the “imperial tax” would split his crowd regardless of how he answered. What do you think he meant when he said, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s…”?
2. Since we no longer live under the authority of a monarchy (like Caesar), but rather, in a democracy where the people are the government, what does it mean to “give back to the people what is the people’s?” Another way to answer this is to ask, “what do we owe to the people who live amongst us”? Try and think beyond monetary terms.
3. Tim Keller, the well-respected former pastor of Redeemer Church in NYC, recently wrote, “Christians cannot pretend they can transcend politics and simply ‘preach the Gospel,’ Those who avoid all political discussions and engagement are essentially casting a vote for the social status quo. To not be political is to be political.” (Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God’s Mercy). How do you feel about talking about politics in church or amongst other Christians?

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