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Into the World

Chap Clark | 10/14/2018
Series: Voyagers
Scripture: John 21: 15-23











John concludes his gospel with this encounter with Peter. Three things occur is this passage that directly relate to us. 

1. At the end of their meal when Jesus eventually turns to Peter, he asks him three times, “Do you love me?” In John’s gospel, this is the first direct encounter between Jesus and Peter after Peter had denied Jesus the night he was arrested. If Jesus were to say to you, “Do you love me?” what would you say? Why?

2. After Peter affirmed his love for Jesus, his response was, “Feed my sheep,” letting Peter know how his love for Jesus was to be lived out by how he cared for the people Jesus loved (his “sheep”). If you had to say, what do you think Jesus is saying to you about how you are to live out your love for him as you follow him (John 21:19)? For Peter, it is “feeding sheep.” Try and be specific about his particular calling for you.

3. When Peter asks about the disciple John (John 21:20-21), “What about him?” Jesus simply says, “What is that to you?” An important aspect of our calling is the personal and particular nature of it. How do we make sure we stay focused on our calling?

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