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Rev. Chris Greer | 11/26/2017
Series: Name Above All Names







Have you ever been given a task at work that was so far above your “pay grade” that you couldn’t begin to grasp how to complete it? How did you react upon getting that assignment?


Understanding the Story

1. What was Mary’s initial response to the angel Gabriel’s announcement that she was going to have
     a baby? Discuss how you would describe her response.

2. How does Gabriel describe the child to be named Jesus and what He will do later? Share how
     verse 33 could be possible.

3. What is Mary’s response after hearing Gabriel’s description of the child? Explore what might have
     gone through her teenage mind at this time.

4. What is Mary’s final response to her own miraculous pregnancy?  Share with the group what
     might have been your responses to such an announcement.



1. The basic Greek word charis that is used by the angel to describe Mary (“full of grace” or “highly
     favored”), is the same word Paul uses in Ephesians 1:6 to describe the saints in general. How does
     this fact impact God’s calling for you?

2. How have you recognized the intermingling of the miraculous and the mundane in your life? How
     do your recognize, celebrate, and share it?

3. Take time to point out in one another’s lives where you see God working in you - men and women
     who are also chosen by God to do His work.

LG Questions 11.26.17

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