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God Is Trustworthy

Chap Clark | 10/15/2017
Series: God Is ____






Lectio Divina is a Latin phrase that means “divine reading.” It is the practice of listening to God by reading the Bible slowly and prayerfully. We believe that God’s word is inspired, active and living, and that God speaks profoundly through it to individuals and communities. Lectio Divina is reading the Bible to be formed by God, not just informed about God.


Take a full 5 minutes to settle quietly. Listen for your breath, slow your mind, and ask God to speak. If your thoughts wander, take a deep breath and try re-centering your thoughts on God. Be kind to yourself! This isn’t an easy process. When quieted, choose a succinct passage, 4 to 10 verses at most (see below for recommendations), then follow the instructions in your Life Group or individually. There will be 4 readings of the same passage, each followed by a time of silent reflection. Recommended passages: Psalm 62:5-8, Isaiah 30:15-21, Matthew 11:25-30, Luke 5:1-11, Colossians 1:15-20.


Reading (lectio)

• Open with a prayer asking God to speak to you or your group.

• Read the selected passage 2 times, slowly and deliberately.

• Listen for a word or phrase that stands out, rises above the others, or speaks to you.

• In 2 minutes of silence, meditate on that word or phrase. (Life Groups: each member speaks their word or phrase out loud for the group, without commenting further.)

Meditation (meditatio)

• Read the passage slowly and deliberately again. (Life Groups: have a different reader each time)

• Reflect again on the word or phrase that speaks to you. This time, attend to the emotions or feelings it stirs in you. 

• In 2 minutes of silence, meditate on and experience that emotion. If comfortable, share or comment further with your group.


Prayer (oratio)

• Read the passage 2 more times, with a longer period of silence between each.

• Ask God how this word, phrase, or emotion relates to your life today.

• After the final reading, listen to God for a gift or an invitation.


Contemplation (contemplatio)

• End your time by writing down or sharing together what God said to you through the Scripture, even if you are unsure or did not receive anything specific from God.

LG Questions 10.15.17

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