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Where Do I Stand

Chap Clark | 01/05/2020
Series: Walk in the Light
Scripture: John 8: 1-12












Continuing the Conversation:

1. When was the last time you were found out or “caught,” either by a single person or a group? How did it feel? Share what you can about the details, and especially what it was like for you.
2. When someone’s struggles or apparent failures are exposed, we have a tendency to take sides. Reflect on a time when you found yourself in a situation where someone made a mistake (or worse). What did you do in response? Reflect on the outcome: was it helpful to the one exposed? Did it bring peace to those affected? Is this what you would do today?
3. In John 8, Jesus – the only one who rightfully could “condemn” her – stood with the woman. Notice the details of this. What does his response to this situation teach us to do in circumstances where someone stands accused, rightly or wrongly?

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