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Kingdom is Majesty

Chap Clark | 09/08/2019
Series: Kingdom of God
Scripture: Psalm 145: 3-6; Luke 17: 20-21














1. The dictionary defines majesty as “sovereign power, authority, or dignity.” The NT word for majesty is megaleiótētos, meaning “great, glorious. Greatness, majesty, glory in connection with God.” When it comes to God and the word, majesty, what comes to mind for you? Describe God’s “majesty.”

2. The phrase “your majesty” for a monarch has been around for thousands of years, which connects the idea of a queen/king to the idea of majesty. In what way(s) do you consider God your “king”?

3. In Luke 17: 20-21 Jesus says that the kingdom is not something you can “observe,” but is “in your midst” (or “among you”). The sermon affirmed that Jesus is the kingdom in a person by his presence. The kingdom of God is constantly present and active, and when we come to Christ through faith it is the environment we live within. How does the active presence of the majesty of the kingdom of God change how you see or experience the world and your life? What is one way you can give yourself to the majesty of the kingdom?

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