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Steven Good | 12/02/2018
Series: Destiny
Scripture: Isaiah 64:1-8


1. In verse 7, Isaiah laments that God has “hidden” his face from those who earnestly seek after him. What reasons does he give in verses 5-6 for God’s absence?
2. Isaiah’s prayer oscillates between mild rebuke of God and mindful dependence on God’s sovereignty. When have you experienced God’s silence and prayed for God to reveal himself in a similar fashion?
3. Advent is a season of anticipation for God’s arrival in the person of Jesus. How has dependence on Jesus shaped the way you’ve understood these times of God’s silence?
4. As you prepare for Advent, spend a few minutes trying to quiet the “noise” of Christmas that is rattling around inside of you. Using the following prompts, write down anything that might distract you from being present in the weeks ahead - even if it’s your shopping list.
    •  What is distracting you?

    •  What are you worried about?

    •  What is making you feel anxious?

As you write these things down, where do you sense God’s presence in the midst of you

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