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Throwing the Cloak

Chap Clark | 08/19/2018
Series: Meet the Captain



1. Have you ever closely observed a homeless person on a busy street? Ever watched the crowd as they pass by? Consider what it must feel like to that person, especially if they are blind, to sit there begging day after day.

2. In Mark, we see Bartimaeus had a “cloak,” likely his most precious possession. Why did he then “throw it into the crowd? “What motivated him, a blind man, to do that?

3. Bartimaeus threw his cloak as he came to Jesus, not going back. What do you possess – material, dream, status, power – that you’re willing to throw “into the crowd” to follow Jesus? What small step or steps can you take this week to begin that process?

LG Questions 8.19.18

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