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What Would Jesus Undo?

Bruce Nelson | 07/08/2018
Series: Meet the Captain








1. What are some things worth defending and why?

2. When you consider how the leaders and moneychangers managed the temple, what does that say about how they viewed God and how they viewed themselves?

3. Righteous indignation may be defined as anger directed toward what angers God Himself. What do you think were the reasons Jesus became so upset with what was taking place in His Father’s house?

4. How does the intensity of Jesus’ actions reflect God’s concerns for people today? How might Jesus’ actions be applied to the role of the current Church?

5. What are some things occurring in the world today that Jesus may have the same zeal to change, as He had for His Father’s house?

6. 1 Corinthians 3:16 tells believers that we are God’s temple and the Holy Spirit dwells within us. Have you ever considered that Jesus has the same passion for you personally as He did for His Father’s house in the text? How does that impact your thinking about what He desires for you and how much He loves you?

LG Questions 7.8.18

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