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Bryan Eckelmann | 07/01/2018
Series: Meet the Captain






1. When in your life were you most thankful for a drink of water?

2. Tell your group about a place you never want to live, and why you feel that way.

3. If the disciples had been with Jesus, how do you think they would have reacted to him talking with a Samaritan woman? Might this be why Jesus sent them in to the town to buy food?

4. Who are the "Samaritans" in your life (groups of people yo have traditionally stayed apart from for one reason or another)? What does Jesus' kindness to the Samaritan suggest for your own contact?

5. Tell your group about a moment when you were surprised.

6. In what ways has Jesus recently surprised you? This could be from what you've read or learned, or it could be how you've been led by God.

7. What part of the sermon particularly spoke to or surprised you?

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