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Are You The One?

Chap Clark | 06/24/2018
Series: Meet the Captain









1. On a long-term sailing voyage into the unknown, what are some characteristics that make a great skipper? Why?


2. Pause and consider, what do you hope for ("expect") in an active God and why? Compare these lists. Any similarities? Differences? Why?


3. From a horrific prison experience, John heard about the things Jesus was doing. He sent his disciples to Jesus and asked him if he had misread his relative, "Are you the one we've been expecting, or are we still waiting?" (Matthew 11:3, The Message) John, being confined and soon to be murdered by a brutal ruler, couldn't see how the Jesus he expected and what he saw happening were the same people. To your best knowledge, what were the differences? (Hint: Look at Matthew 3, especially v. 10, and the rest of Matthew 11 for clues about what John was expecting).


4. Look at the list Jesus gives John - basically saying, I am the One. Read them aloud. Consider each one. The final one, "the good news is proclaimed to the poor" ("proclaim" means more than spoken, it basically also means "offered" and "present"); see The Message: "the wretched of the earth learn that God is on their side", is clearly put at the end for a reason. What do you think that reason is? What does this phrase mean to and for your life?

LG Questions 6.24.18

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