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Provisioning for the Journey

Chap Clark | 02/06/2018
Series: Provisioning







When was the last time you saw something that made you speechless? What was so miraculous about it?

Understanding the Story
1. The angels repeat the word "holy" three times in what is called a "trisagion"- a superlative
indicating completeness. Why is God's holiness so significant? How does God's holiness make our faith as Christians different from the rest of the world's?
2. The angels say "the whole earth is filled" with God's glory. What does it mean that God's glory
cannot be contained?
3. Isaiah is cleaned with a burning coal. In Scripture, fire is considering a cleansing agent. Why do you think God wants Isaiah cleansed? What does this tell us about the character of God?

1. Isaiah feels unclean when facing God's immense power and glory. Do you ever feel inadequate before God? Do you have feelings of falling short that have kept you from speaking to God? How can we stop these negative feelings from hurting our prayer life especially when we need Him the most? Share your answers with the group.
2. Isaiah's immediate response is to cry out to God. Is your instinctual reaction to turn to prayer in intense moments? How often do you pray other than to bless a meal? Does it feel natural to you? Does it ever feel rehearsed? Take time to let everyone share their true feelings about prayer.

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