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Name Above All Names

Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | 12/03/2017
Series: Name Above All Names





Opening Question:

Are you able to embrace a certain amount of supernatural mystery as part of your faith?


Understanding the Story:

• Reread verses 5-8. The word used for “attitude” in verse 5 is defined as a settled way of thinking or feeling. What would it look like for you to think the way Jesus does? 

• Jesus was completely obedient to the Father (verse 8). Were there times in your life when God desired your obedience in a difficult situation? Share with the group how having the mindset of Christ or thinking like Him helped in that situation.

• In His humility and obedience, Jesus trusted the will of the Father and the love behind that will. How can we embrace the way Jesus thinks? Discuss how this type of thinking might change struggles that we go through.

• The name of Jesus is exalted because of (1) His humility? (2) His humanity? (3) His divinity? Discuss.


 Living the Story:

• As God become man, Jesus modeled humility and obedience to the Father for us as the way to live well. Discuss why being humble and obedient to God’s will is best for us.

• Jesus promises in His Word that He can do supernatural things through us. Why do many followers of Jesus fail to believe that?

• When you think about doing great things, whose name and fame is it for? Share with the group.

LG Questions 12.3.17

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