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God Is Grace

Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | 10/29/2017
Series: God Is ____





Is “play” a good thing? Absolutely. God has created us to be people who freely create, laugh, dance, and have fun. Nothing is as freeing as a full understanding of God’s overwhelming grace. He loves us solely based upon His goodness, not ours. We don’t have to perform, succeed, excel, or earn is love and favor. God wants us to simply receive His love and enjoy what it’s like to know Him and be the people He always designed us to be. For some of us, this won’t be easy. Some of us are so used to filling our time with what’s “productive.” But this week, we want to encourage all of St. Andrew’s to specifically and intentionally do something for the sheer joy of being alive. Grab a friend and enjoy a play, take a hike, have a dance party, play a game, read a novel, catch a fish, or eat donut. Whatever you do, do it knowing that the God of the universe loves you, is present with you as you play, and has given you His grace and Himself for your true freedom and joy!


Ideas for Play:

Need some ideas? These questions might help.

- Who makes you laugh? (Call them or take them to coffee)

- Where is a place you feel alive? (Go there)

- When did you last swing in a swing, go dancing, or visit Disney land? (Pick a day/time and do it)

- What is your favorite meal? (Make it or buy it and share it with someone you love)

- Who is your favorite author? (Head to the library and find one of his/her books)

- When was the last time you had a blast with your kids, grandkids, neighbors, or friends? (Plan the
   sequel this week)

- Who knows you better than anyone else? (Ask them to help you plan something fun)


Pray and Play:  

Our play can be even more fun and meaningful if we simply acknowledge God and His gift of life. During or after your time of play, take a brief moment to say a prayer of:

- Thankfulness for God’s gifts of grace and life.

- Worship to God because of His infinite creativity and goodness.

- Remembrance to look back and see how God has gifted you with joy in times past.

- Expectation for the joy that God will provide as you play in the future.

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