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God Is Revealed

Dr. Barry Corey | 10/22/2017
Series: God Is ____




God’s kindness is but one way he reveals himself to us. When we recall and meditate on the ways He has extended kindness to us, we are empowered to that extend kindness to others. This week, complete the four individual practices below, in order, to help you see God revealed as you recall, receive, and extend God’s kindness. Talk about your experience in your Life Group or with a friend or family member.


Recall God’s Kindness

Take 15 minutes to recall and write down how God has been kind to you. These questions might help…

- How had God extended kindness to you, and all humanity, even when we have not earned it?

- When did God answer a prayer, even if that answer was ‘no’?

- When has God spoken to you through a friend, a song, the Bible, His creation, a conviction, etc.?

- When did you first realize Jesus was God, in the flesh, sent to save us?

Keep an ongoing list this week as you remember God’s kindness.


Recall Others’ Kindness

Take 15 minutes to draw a timeline of the last year and mark down the moments when you received kindness from others. These questions might help…

- When did someone offer a kind word of encouragement, thanks, or blessing?

- When did someone pray for you?

- When did someone include you, help you, remember you, or teach you?

- When did someone act kindly even when you didn’t deserve it?

- When was someone kind to someone you love?

Keep an ongoing list this week of the ways God reveals himself in others’ kindness.


Extend God’s Kindness

How is God’s kindness inspiring you to treat others kindly? Take 10 minutes to think of ways you can extend kindness to others out of your gratitude for God’s kindness to you.

- What kind thing can you do for someone close to you, even if they have not earned it or deserve it?

- What is one kind thing you can do for a family member or friend this week?

- What is one kind thing you can do anonymously this week?

Reflect on God’s Kindness: Make time this week to read and reflect on Titus 3:3-8. Take at least 10 minutes in one sitting to slowly read, reflect, and listen for God’s kindness toward you today.

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