God Is The Son

Chap Clark | 10/01/2017
Series: God Is ____









Can you recall being in an emergency situation and needing to call for help?




1. How did the disciples react to the storm? What did many of them do for a living?

2. Why do you think the disciples awakened Jesus? Discuss what you think they might have        expected from Him.

3. What did the disciples ask one another in verse 41?

4. Discuss why the disciples were still “terrified” even after Jesus calmed the storm.




1. Share your thoughts about circumstances in which you have been tempted to respond with fear rather than faith.

2. Are you ever annoyed when it looks like God is ignoring a situation that has overwhelmed you or threatens to “drown” you? How do you deal with those feelings? What do you do next?

LG Questions 10.1.17

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