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God Is the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | 09/25/2017
Series: God Is ____





When was a recent “Aha!” moment? What did you see, experience, or learn that you had not seen, experienced, or known before?


1. What do you think Paul means by “veil” in verse 15 (see verse 12-15)? What happens to the veil when someone turns their life over to Christ?

2. What kind of freedom is Paul talking about in verse 17? How is that freedom experienced? 3. In verse 18, the word “contemplate” (NIV) is also translated as “reflect” the Lord’s

glory. How do these words help us understand how we are transformed into the Lord’s image?


1. Is it easy or difficult for you to think of God as spirit? The Holy Spirit as a separate but equal being to God the Father and Jesus the Son? The Holy Spirit as a personal being?

2. What veil(s) were lifted when you first turned to the Lord, and how have you experienced His freedom (vs 17)? How is God still taking away “veils” in your life as you continue to turn to Him?

3. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (a French Jesuit priest and philosopher) said, “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.” Is he right? And how does this shape the way you think about and relate to God as the Holy Spirit?

4. Discuss together your understanding of the Holy Spirit and which Bible passages inform you. Share honestly your reservations or excitement about interacting with, trusting, and obeying this person of the Trinity.

Missionaries - Kent Family – Father, encourage and empower our missionaries in France, the Kent family, as they train nationals in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership. Continue to protect and provide for the Kents as they faithfully serve Your church in an area that has increasingly become a battleground for true believers of the Gospel.

KidWorks – Lord, we pray for the communities of Santa Ana, as Kidworks seeks to provide at-risk children with opportunities to meet their full potential through academic programs and character development. May the integration of Christ-like values into the ministry’s programs and activities bring the children, families, and neighbors into a closer relationship with You. www.kidworksoc.org 

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