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Hospitality and Trust

Bill Thrall | 07/23/2017
Series: Expand Your Table





What meaning does the 1967 Beatles’ song, “All You Need Is Love” have for you? Share your reflections with the group.



1. Jesus previously responded to the Pharisees about which are the greatest commandments. How does his new commandment compare to these? Discuss any differences you see.

2. What does Jesus’ willingness to follow the Father’s will indicate about His trust in the Father’s love?

3. Jesus modified his new commandment with “as I have loved you” after washing the disciples’ feet. How does that inform the scope and character of the love He commands of his followers?

4. According to verse 35, what will be the result of the disciples loving all believers with the same kind of love? How is trust involved in that love?



1. Can you think of some people you might know who model obedience to the command to love one another? What are some of the things they do? Do you also see a special kind of trust involved in their actions?

2. How do you see God involved in the decision to give of your money, time, or talents sacrificially above your normal tithe?

LG Questions 7.23.17

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