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You're Invited!

Chap Clark | 06/25/2017
Series: Expand Your Table






Opening Question:


What is the difference between having people over for a BBQ and giving a wedding feast for your son or daughter?


Understanding the Story:


1.   What does the banquet represent in this parable?

  1. How many times did the King send out servants with invitations for his son’s wedding banquet? Describe the different responses of those invited in verses 1-7. Whom do you think these groups represented in Jesus’ time?
  1. When the King invited the third group to the son’s feast in verses 8-10, how did they respond? Describe them. Who do they represent?
  2. Imagine that you are guests at the banquet. How would you react if you saw what happened to the “friend” in verses 11-14? Compare to the friend in Matthew 26:50. What is the lesson here? 



Living the Story:


  1. Imagine yourselves as servants of the King, experiencing the responses described in verses 3, 5, 6, and 10. When inviting people to know Christ, are we more focused on their responses or the King’s commands to invite people into the Kingdom?
  2. As we respond in gratitude to participating in the King’s banquet, what are our hopes for those others he also invites?

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