Chap Clark | 06/04/2017
Series: Magnetic





Think of a favorite family you know now or maybe one from a TV show. What is special about them? Can you think of how you might fit into that family if you were invited?



1. According to John 1:12, each of us who believes in Christ has the opportunity to become a child of God. How do we accept this opportunity to become His adopted child? What would we want our new life and position in that family to be like?

2. Read 1 John 3:1. How does John speak about God lovingly wanting us as His children? In what ways has God shown love to you? Which images from scripture best reflect your understanding of God’s love for you?

3. If those in the family of faith are each children of God, then what is our relationship to one another?



1. In what ways do St. Andrew’s practices embody the reality that we are an adoptive family? How do we live into the reality that we are each brothers and sisters? How does this inform our value of All Generations Community?

2. How do you think our Father would want us to welcome a new brother or sister in to the family? How can we become like a magnet to draw others in to the family of God?

3. Share what it means to you to be a part of God’s family.

LG Questions 6.4.17

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