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Rev. Steven Good | 05/28/2017
Series: Magnetic




Opening Question:

After coming to Christ, have you ever been jolted completely out of your life’s path?  How did you interact with people right after that happened?


Understanding the Story:

  1.  Being the very first believer to carry out Jesus’ prophecy on witnessing to Samarians in Acts 1:8; how was Phillip guided by the Holy Spirit to reach out even further to an Ethiopian official?
  2.  How did Phillip use the Old Testament to guide the Ethiopian eunuch to an understanding of who Christ was and what He had done? How did he respond and what does this tell us about his character?
  3.  After the Ethiopian had accepted the truth of the gospel, what did he want to do as he and Phillip traveled? Imagine together the Ethiopian’s reaction to the whole episode as he went toward home.


Living the Story:

  1. What things were unusual about the Ethiopian’s baptism? Talk about how we could enhance our perspective on the significance of baptism and it’s relevance in our world today.
  1. Looking at the way in which Phillip reached out to the Ethiopian, discuss how we can become open to developing a stronger bond with those of divergent races and cultures and attract them into the fellowship of God’s people.

LG Questions 5/28/17

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