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Chap Clark | 05/01/2017
Series: Magnetic




Opening Question:


Have you ever experienced a blackout or power outage? How did it disrupt your life? What was it like when you received power again?


Understanding the Story:


  1.  Reread Matthew 5:16. Why do you think Jesus says, “Let your light shine” as opposed to “shine your light”? What is the difference?
  2.  What do you think John meant in verse 4 by calling Jesus “the light of all mankind”? How might Jesus be a light? What are some similarities between Jesus and light?
  3.  Read Isaiah 49:6. What is the purpose of “the light”? Next, read John 8:12. How do we get this light?


Living the Story:


  1.  What does it mean for us to put our lamp under a bowl? Do you ever feel like you do this? Share examples with the group.
  2.  Christ’s light “shines in the darkness.” Can you think of any dark places (lies, selfishness, envy, judgement, hatred) in your life that needs to be filled with Jesus’ “true light”? What are they? What about evils in the world around you? Share with the group how “the light of all mankind” overcomes these things.
  3.  Encourage one another by sharing how you see the light of Christ in each other’s lives.

LG Questions 4.30.17

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