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The Origin of Joy

Chris Greer | 03/26/2017
Series: Philippians




Have you ever ‘run with the wrong crowd’? What problems did that solve or create, if any?



1. In v. 4:1-4, Paul uses the expression “in the Lord” three times. How is he using it and to what purpose?

2. In v. 4:1 and vs 1:27, Paul uses the command “stand firm”, which refers to soldiers

closing ranks in a battle to protect each other. He then writes, “in this way”. What does “in this way” refer to?

3. Paul affirms God’s presence in the present tense (vs. 5b) and the future (vs 9). How are Paul’s instructions and the presence of God related in vs. 4-9?



1. How does the information and entertainment you receive daily from social media, TV, radio, magazines and books, conversations, etc. fit Paul’s criteria in vs. 8? Think and discuss together how these sources of input affect the way you think.

2. Discuss how Paul’s directives in vs. 4-6 would lead to the results in vs. 7 and vs. 9.  Have you experienced God’s peace lately? If so, share an example. If not, talk about why.

3. What does Paul’s oft-used phrase, “in the Lord” have to do with experiencing peace in this life? Talk about how your group can help one another remain in the Lord.

LG Questions 3.26.17

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