Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | 03/19/2017
Series: Philippians







Who has been a person that you have looked at as an example? Share with each other why they are a good example.

1. Why does Paul encourage the Philippians to find an example or model to follow?
2. What are the motives and focus of those who are “enemies of the cross of Christ”?
3. Understanding that citizenship (both Roman and Jewish) was cherished in Paul’s time, how would the Philippians react to the idea that their new citizenship is in heaven?


1. How can a perspective that our citizenship is in heaven change the way we face life?
2. How can we better focus our lives away from earthly things (like our stomach) on to our heavenly citizenship?


Teen Challenge – We pray for the men at Teen Challenge in Santa Ana. Holy Spirit, break the shackles of addiction and help those in recovery to stand firm in the truth of Your love. Father God, we implore You to take the emptiness, fear, and loneliness that drive addictions of all kinds and radically transform them into purpose, trust, and hope through Christ. www.teenchallenge.org.

Missionaries - Kent Family – Father, today we commit to You our missionaries in France,
the Kent family, who train nationals in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership. Continue to protect and provide for the Kents as they faithfully serve Your church in an area that has increasingly become a battleground for true believers of the Gospel.

LG Questions 3.19.17

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