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What Do I Really Want

Chap Clark | 03/12/2017
Series: Philippians







Have you ever had a valued possession that you hung onto for years but eventually decided to give or throw away? Share why it was so important to you at one time and then why it eventually lost its value.


1. Jewish converts to Christianity in Philippi began making unnecessary requirements for salvation on Gentile believers (like circumcision) and were boasting in their “Jewish credentials.” What does Paul say about old standards? What is Paul’s new standard under Christ?
2. How might the Jewish Christians’ emphasis on old ways have hindered the spread of the gospel?
3. Re-read verses 13-14 and discuss what alternate way Paul suggests to the Philippians?



1. Paul warns against putting confidence and value on the wrong things and emphasizes instead the importance of faith in Christ. In what does our society today tell us to place our confidence? Share how this differs from what Paul says in this passage.
2. Paul says in verse 10, “I want to know Christ.” How does where you spend your time and resources reflect what you want? How might we realign our desires to be more centered on Christ? How might you help one another in that realignment?



MIKA – Father, we pray for Mika, a ministry that identifies and equips leaders in low- income neighborhoods in Costa Mesa. We praise You for the servant leaders who tutor under-resourced children at Mika’s learning centers. Thank You for men and women who reflect the joy of the Lord as they pour into our neighbors. www.mikacdc.org.

Kenya – We pray for Pastor Joel Amonde and for our Christian brothers and sisters in Agongo, Kenya. Lord, in the midst of severe material poverty, You have blessed the people of Agongo with great spiritual and relational wealth. Thank You for the opportunity to learn as we serve, and to receive as we give. Father, honor the prayers and perseverance of families and teachers as they seek to provide a Christ-centered education for the children of the Starvation Elimination and Education Development (SEED) Academy. Through this ministry, raise up a generation that will lead Kenya with Christ-like character and integrity. 

LG Questions 3.12.17

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