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A Spiritual Workout

Rev. Todd Clark | 03/05/2017
Series: Philippians






Life Group Questions


Do you usually have a positive outlook or are you prone to grumbling?


1. What does it show about the Philippians that they “obeyed” whether Paul was there or not (vs. 12)?
2. Discuss together what it means to “work out” our own salvation (vs. 12b-13). What powers us from within to be able to “work out” our salvation through time?
3. How can we work out in our daily living what God gives us through the Holy Spirit? How can we lean into and encourage more of the Spirit’s work in us as a group?
4. What are the three things Paul gives us to do?



1. How can we “shine like the stars in the universe” (vs. 15) in particular areas of our daily living (work, family, relationships)?
2. To what are we witnessing with “pure and blameless (everyday) lives?”
3. Share with one another what gives you confidence that God will continue work in you and your Life Group to complete His good purpose?



Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries – We pray for our partners and the volunteers who serve at Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries. We thank You for their hearts of compassion and their willingness to pour into the lives of troubled teens. Empower all Yourservants as they strive to guide these teens to a God-honoring future.

City Impact – We pray for our ministry partner in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District as they serve those who live on the margins of society. Lord, we pray for those from St. Andrew’s serving alongside the City Impact team this weekend. May their efforts have a lasting impact toward restoration for those who are isolated to community, depressed and imprisoned by addiction, to ultimate freedom in Christ. www.sfcityimpact.com. 

LG Questions 3.5.17

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