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Dying to Live

Rev. Dr. Craig Barnes | 02/12/2017
Series: Philippians










Who is the bravest person you know? What makes them courageous?



1. Re-read v. 20-24. Paul says, “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” What do you think he is trying to say?
2. In Paul’s deliberation between continuing to “live in the body” (v. 22) and “departing to be with Christ” (v. 23) what does he ultimately conclude is most important? Why? What does that say about Paul?

3. Paul says courage is what is needed for the gospel to advance. How might his example have helped believers find the courage to live for Christ and witness without fear?



1. Paul says his hardships have served to advance the gospel. Has God ever used hardships in your life to further His kingdom? How? How might He use your current difficulties for His glory and others’ good?
2. Paul’s life and example encourages us to live courageously for Christ. What does living courageously for Christ look like for you? Share one example with the group and commit to helping one another with it this week.



KidWorks – Lord, we pray for KidWorks, our ministry partner in Santa Ana, as they seek to restore at-risk neighborhoods in Santa Ana. We ask for transformation of individual lives, one at a time, through the outward demonstration of Your love. May the integration of Christ-like values into the programs and activities bring the children, families, and neighbors into a closer relationship with You. www.kidworksoc.org.

Starfish Project (China) – We pray for our ministry partner at the Starfish Project in China as she seeks to share Christ-centered hope with exploited women. We ask for Your guidance, protection, and open doors as she shares Your word, so that Your light might shine brightly in the darkness, calling these women into Your loving care. www.starfish-project.com. 

LG Questions 2.12.17

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