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Partnership in the Gospel

Chap Clark | 02/05/2017
Series: Philippians










When has someone encouraged you by praying for you? How did that make you feel?



1. What is the organizational structure Paul identifies in his greeting (vs. 1) and how does it reflect on the stability of the Philippian church? Look at Acts 16:11-40 to see how the church at Philippi was founded. How do you think the church moved from the chaos of Acts 16 to the stability seen in Paul’s letter?

2. How did the Philippians share in both the grace and suffering of the gospel? How did this sharing create unity amongst them and with Paul?
3. Can you identify the verse in this passage that is so highly regarded in all of Christendom? What process does it describe?

4. Through which quality did Paul pray the Philippians might progress as they participate in the process described above, and what would be the result?



1. Our church is experiencing a lot of transition: construction, lead pastor search, changing roles for staff, new all-church goals, etc. How can we appropriate Paul’s thoughts and prayer in this passage to find unity, stability, and growth during this time?

2. Discuss the most valuable things we can do to maintain unity and stability in our Christian lives amidst all the change happening around us.
3. How can we, as a group, encourage a sense of unity and participate in the spiritual growth of the church?



OC Rescue Mission – We pray for the OC Rescue Mission as it ministers the love
of Jesus Christ to the homeless and working poor by providing food, shelter, and
a pathway to health. Please walk alongside those who call the OC Rescue Mission home and encourage them in their journey to a life marked by dignity, integrity and trust in Jesus Christ. www.rescuemission.org.

Havasupai Bible Church – Lord, we pray for Pastor Beamus Uqualla and his daily ministry in the Grand Canyon to the Havasupai people. We ask that You provide the physical protection, strength, and encouragement he needs to share Your word and be a witness in such a dark place. We ask the Holy Spirit to open doors so that every member of the tribe might hear and respond to the Gospel message. 

LG Questions 2.5.17

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