PNC Update

What Is a Home Church? 

Home is a place where we gather ourselves; we find rest, we enjoy family, we eat, pray, and refuel. The Body of Christ—the Church gives us a chance to experience Jesus in community, through scripture, prayer, worship, and fellowship. Through gathering in smaller communities, we can maintain our unity as one collective body under Christ. 

Each home church experience is centered around 4 core practices: worship, prayer, scripture reading, and fellowship. 

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It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Gather with your family members and trusted friends following the state and CDC guidelines. Be sure to follow any social distancing guidelines laid out by the host. 


Watch the St. Andrew’s live streamed services on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. Find everything for children and adults at


Connect with your St. Andrew's family and dive in using various resources from your St. Andrew's at home in a box. Look for fun and engaging crafts for kids as well as small group discussion questions for adults and teens.



Want to host St. Andrew's at your home? Sign up below to get connected to our team and learn more about the resources we have for you and your family. Want a little more information? Send us an email and we'll be sure to help you get what you need. 

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Below are examples of various resources we've compiled for your St. Andrew's Church at Home experience. Our hope is that you will have an inceredible experience with your family and trusted friends each week. 
  • Online worship Experience (music and message)
  • Small Group Resources
  • Kids Worship (early childhood & Elementary)
  • Kids Crafts & Activities
  • Youth Worhship (Middle & High School)
  • Adult Conversation starters and a whole lot of creative fun
  • Doughnuts (Yes, if you sign up with us we will make sure you have some delicious delicacies) 


Do you have kids or youth with you in your home church? We've got special worship experiences just for them!
When you sign up above to receive our "Church in a Box," you'll find the weekly  Children's and Youth worship experiences with crafts and activies for the week included.   

In addition to the youth worship and message experience we also have a live small group time from 10:15-11 each Sunday. 




Here are some more details on how to make your St. Andrew’s at Home a success

Our home church model is based around the idea that through this whole stay at home order, you have likely been seeing select family members and friends, which means you likely have similar exposure levels and could safely gather with social distancing measures in place. These are the people we’re suggesting you gather with on a weekly basis to form your home church.

The CDC, as well as the state of California, have released guidelines specific to churches. As such, though the stay at home order is not officially listed, you are allowed to gather for religious purposes. With this in mind, we are suggesting you limit your gathering size to few than 15 adults, and less than 25 people total.

When gathering in your home, please practice social distancing as much as possible. We recommend that you wear face masks and wash and sanitize your hands upon coming into someone’s home. The CDC also recommends gathering in a well ventilated area, outside if at all possible. Further, we recommend that you clean all surfaces that will be highly trafficked (ex: bathrooms and door handles) with a disinfectant before and after having others enter your home. Please make sure that all food-related items are clean as well.

The CDC recommends that you limit the amount of communal food you serve. We suggest that if you want to provide food, you provide individually packaged food and snacks for your home church. If you want to prepare something, we highly recommend that one person serves all of the food, and that you limit how many people touch everything.

You can meet indoors, though the CDC recommends providing opening as much ventilation as possible in your home. If you meet inside, we would also suggest you strictly social distance when watching the sermon together.

In addition to our main service (available with both classic and modern worship experiences) we also offer our full range of children’s and student programing. Please visit for access to our early childhood, elementary, and student services. If you have children in your home church, we’ll also include our weekly children’s activity in your “Church in a box” kit that you’ll get each week. This will let them follow along with their own, tailored worship experience. Additionally, if you’re looking to get your student involved in mid-week programming, we’re offering small, grade and gender specific small groups during the week, for more information, please email

You’ll receive your “Church in a box kit” delivered to your house by Saturday.

We will continue to meet in our house churches as long as the stay at home order remains in place, or until the state and CDC deem it safe to gather in larger settings. We want to ensure the safety of our congregation and community, and as such, are taking extra precautions to make sure everyone can be as safe as possible.