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Confirmation I + II

What is Confirmation?   

Confirmation is an in-home program to be done with the student and their parent/s. This is our take on an age-old tradition that the church has that is meant to be the second half of infant or child baptism. The goal is that the student will learn more about the “what,” “why,” and “how” of their faith.  If your child has not yet been baptized, this process will serve as an opportunity for them to explore their Christian faith more and once completed, they will have the opportunity to be baptized during Confirmation Sunday service. Our goal once they finish is that each student will be equipped to take ownership over their faith and begin the lifelong journey of following Jesus. The process takes place over two years.   

How do we engage in the curriculum?   

At St. Andrew’s, we have chosen to modify traditional practices for Confirmation and put these conversation and faith lessons in your home. We have created videos that are found through QR codes in each chapter of the confirmation workbooks. We believe that faith conversations should be happening in the home and that we, as youth staff, should act as support and encouragement to what you are already teaching at home. Through this Confirmation process, we encourage you to pause the videos to talk through concepts, explain more where you feel necessary, ask your child questions that feel helpful, and lead the conversation as you go through the process with them. The more you as the parent engage, the more impactful it can be for your child as they get to see how important your faith is to you.  

What should I Expect?   

Once you register for Confirmation, you can pick up your materials from the Youth Center Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, or Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. if you email ( in advance to set up an appointment. Over the next few weeks or months you will create the schedule with your student to go through each lesson. Please make sure to leave time to pray beforehand, listen to the videos, and work through the response questions. Be sure to be fully present so that you can answer any questions or provide more insight where you think your student might need it.   

It is your responsibility to ensure that your student finishes their workbook before the May 17 retreat date. This is where students and parents will come to serve together, learn, and grow in community with fellow conformation members and volunteers. This will prepare them for Confirmation Sunday or to ensure that they are ready to start again next year with Confirmation II.     

Retreat Details  

On May 17, students and parents will serve together in the morning as a part of our church and city-wide initiative, “Love Newport Beach.” After, all students and parents will eat lunch together in the Youth Center. After lunch, parents will go to the Parent Seminar, taught by Scott Cody, while the students will break off into breakout sessions by age/Confirmation level.   

After the Parent Seminar, the parents are free to leave. The students will remain for a few more hours learning and talking through content, discussing what they learned throughout the program, and displaying competency in the coursework they have completed.   
During the retreat, students will have the opportunity to deepen their connection with our church by opting to become a covenant partner, effectively becoming a member of our church family.  
Confirmation Sunday 

On June 4, there will be a confirmation ceremony. This ceremony celebrates the dedication and growth of those who have completed the confirmation process, and we look forward to honoring their commitment. 
For those who chose to become members during the retreat, a special ceremony will be held during the Sunday service to formally welcome them as members of our church community. 
Additionally, if any of our students have not yet received the sacrament of baptism, we warmly invite them to consider this day as an opportunity to do so, embracing a foundational step in their faith journey.

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Launches February 1


May 17


June 4

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