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Half Truths

Half Truths

“God helps those who help themselves…” “Let your conscience be your guide…” “Everything happens for a reason…” “Charity begins at home…” We’ve heard sayings like these, and we may even think they are from the Bible. But they are almost true – and despite our best intentions, saying and believing these can be harmful, and even can steer us away from the full truth of God’s wisdom.

Week 12

September 05, 2021

Greg Chao


Week 11

August 29, 2021

Greg Chao

To Thine Own Self Be True

Week 10

August 22, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann


Week 9

August 14, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

Love In Film And Love By The Book

Week 8

August 08, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

Love Is All You Need..?

Week 7

August 01, 2021

Greg Chao

Everything Happens For A Reason

Week 6

July 18, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

Sound Of Music

Week 5

July 11, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

God Just Wants You To Be Happy

Week 4

July 04, 2021

Greg Chao

Should We Judge

Week 3

June 27, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

You Can Make The Bible Say Whatever You Want

Week 2

June 20, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Week 1

June 06, 2021

Bryan Eckelmann

Truth Needed

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