StrengthsFinder Test Instructions:

 1.) Obtain an Access Code, there are two options 

Use an access code provided by St. Andrew's: email 
Click Here to purchase the access code yourself 

**Please note: the cost of the provided code has been donated by St. Andrew’s members – therefore, please do not share it outside of our church family

2.) Take the Test!

Click Here  and enter your access code. The test should take 20-25 minutes 

3.) Read through your results

 Click Here for a web-tutorial describing how to get the most out of your StrengthsFinder results

4.) StrengthsFinder Resources  

We have created a "Life Map" tool that will help you process through your results (available in the front office)
Click Here for instructions on how to use this map  

CLICK HERE for an interactive guide to aid group discussion of your StrengthsFinder results

Click Here to get the Strengthfinder app for your phone or tablet

Problems? Call Bonnie at 949-574-2262


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