Deacon Ministry

Deacon Ministry

Be a part of the biblical ministry the church is called to be and do by serving our St. Andrew's family and local community who are in need.

Fifty-one deacons are ordained to minister to the congregation of St. Andrew's. They are trained to visit in the hospitals, care-facilities and homes, offering prayer, spiritual encouragement and comfort. Deacons stand ready to assist families in times of crisis and be prayer intercessors on behalf of the congregation. 

For more information on becoming a Deacon, contact Karli Berkompas | 949.574.2262,

Need a Deacon?

If you have a need, please contact Karli Berkompas | 949.574.2262,

Due to privacy laws, we need you to please let us know when you are scheduled to be in the hospital and would like a deacon to come and minister to you with prayer.

Click Here for our Deacon Ministry Brochure.


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